Matsumoto of Glendale, calif. passed away on
July 23, at the age of 82 after a brief illness and hospitalization.
Mrs. Matsumoto was born in Yamaguchi prefecture Japan on December 20,
1927. She was the third daughter of the six daughters in the family.
She spent most of her childhood in and around tokyo and eventually
attended tokyo Woman’s christian University and graduated with a
degree in english literature. She met her husband Robert Matsumoto,
who was in US Army intelligence in tokyo, and they were married in
tokyo in 1957. they moved to Los Angeles and where their sons, David,
Jeffrey, and Bertram were born and raised.

Mrs. Matsumoto worked in the LA County District Attorney’s Offce for
10 years. nobue was an accom-plished local artist, working in many
media including wood sculpture and ceramics. Her works were displayed
in galleries and shows in the LA area. Robert passed away in 2002.
nobue is survived by her three sons and nine grandchildren. (213) 626-0441

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