Voting yes on Proposition 30 is a way for Californians to help fix the state’s ongoing budget problems.  That’s why Little Tokyo Service Center is supporting this initiative.

Year after year, Californians have seen cuts to our basic state programs — public education has been especially hard hit, along with child care, health care, services for seniors, and housing. At the same time, more and more Californians are slipping into poverty, finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, let alone paying for rising college tuitions.

Dean Matsubayashi

Proposition 30 asks all of us, especially the most well-off Californians, to contribute more over the next few years to keep our much-needed programs in place.

Proposition 30 will raise up to $9 billion for the state budget, avoiding massive cuts to education and other programs. In addition, it will amend the state constitution to lock in funds and responsibilities for local government public safety services, making local government more stable for the future.

• State income tax will increase, but only for the top income earners making over $250,000, for the next seven years.

• State sales tax will increase from 7.25% to 7.5% for the next four years (most foods at grocery stores and rent are excluded from sales tax); this would add one penny to a $4 purchase.

• Funding is guaranteed for local county services, including public safety, adult parole, mental health, foster care, child welfare, and substance abuse.

What happens if Proposition 30 doesn’t pass?

• $5.5 billion in new cuts to K-12 and community colleges — meaning fewer school days, increased class sizes, staffing and class cuts.

• $250 million in new cuts each to UC and CSU systems — meaning even more tuition hikes.

• Further elimination of adult education.

• Ripple effects resulting in reduction in health-care services for low-income seniors, disabled adults, and pregnant women.

LTSC is asking for your support and voting YES on Proposition 30.


Dean Matsubayashi is executive director of Little Tokyo Service Center. Vox Populi is a forum for the community. Contributions to Vox Populi may be sent 701 E. Third St., Suite 130, Los Angeles CA 90013 Attn: Editor, or emailed to Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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