The Okinawa Association of America held its spring concert and fundraiser on April 21 at its Gardena headquarters. Featuring food, crafts and entertainment, the event was a benefit for OAA’s weekly computer classes and the Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival (Wakamono Taikai) to be held in July. Performers included out-of-town guests San Diego Warabi Eisa (pictured). 

Andagi or Okinawa dango (pictured) and Okinawa soba were popular items that quickly sold out. Taco rice was also on the menu.
Left: Local artists from F*ART (Free + Art) presented Okinawan-themed works, including gurukun (banana fish) made from real bananas (pictured) and a gigantic andagi. Right: Shigeru Logan performed jazz pieces on violin, accompanied by his brother William on keyboards.
Left: Ai Teshima performed hula and Polynesian dance, played taiko for sanshin players Yoshiaki Chinen and Amy Ono, and sang with her band. Right: Siblings Ashley and Brandon Arashiro gave a karate demonstration.
Buyo performances (from left): “Hatoma Bushi” by Sayuri Kinjo, “Higasa” by Akiko Yamauchi, “Kanayo” by Amy Ono.
Choichi Kai L.A. played the sanshin (Okinawan shamisen). The program also included drumming by Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko L.A.
Students from Hickory Elementary School in Torrance performed two hulas, “Poi E” and “Kaulana O’Waimanalo.”
Sayuri and Sachi Kinjo perform “Tanchame.”

Photos by J.K. YAMAMOTO/Rafu Shimpo


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