Kaho Minami as Madam.
Kaho Minami as the Madam.

Kaho Minami, veteran Japanese actress and wife of actor Ken Wa­tanabe, makes her U.S. feature film debut in the upcoming “Masterless,” from screenwriter/director Craig Shimahara.

The independent fantasy-drama shot in Los Angeles last summer finds Minami as a ghostly seduc­tress bent on destroying the spirit of a young architect, played by “7th Heaven” star Adam LaVorgna.

Minami said she was drawn to the role of the Madam because of the re­vealing duality within her character.

“When you stand in front of the Madam, you can see a reflection of yourself, both good and evil,” she said. “I think that is one of the very frightening powers that she pos­sesses.”

For the first time in her career, Minami learned most of her lines in English. Initially this proved daunt­ing for the actress from Hyogo. However, the extra study paid off with unexpected benefits.

“Because it took longer to learn my lines, I ended up spending a lot of time thinking about the character and her words, and this actually worked out very well for me. It was an expe­rience that I have not had before.”

Despite her busy career in Japan, Minami says that she is open to future U.S.-based projects, or beyond.

“Meeting people outside of Japan really widens my perspective and sense of values. I feel that acting is a profession that will last a lifetime for me and, if given the opportunity, I would like to take on new challenges regardless of language or location.”

An announced release date for “Masterless” is forthcoming. For more information, visit www.mas­terlessfilm.com.

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