Dear Editor:

I recently received several calls from the supposed “Treasury Department” from a Lisa Alwood with the Treasury Department Criminal Investigations, Washington, D.C., phone number 202-750-0280.

She claimed that I owed money to the Treasury Department Criminal Investigations and was asking me to send a money order to her for this purported crime. THIS IS TOTALLY FALSE. The IRS never asks for money via a telephone call. Also the IRS does not ask for money orders.

First of all, my husband worked with the IRS for 16-17 years and he always informed me that the IRS always sends communications initially via the U.S. Postal Service. I also checked with my accountant and he informed me that several of his clients have also complained to him about this scam. He re-informed me that the IRS always communicates via the USPS first.

After the taxpayer receives this communication, then he or she calls the IRS (it is always listed on the letter with the name of the agent and the field office). After the taxpayer sets up the appointment or the agent comes to see the taxpayer, then they investigate the item/items in question, and only after the investigation is completed will the IRS inform you of the amount due. They do not ask for the money up front before they investigate.


Dorothy Maruyama


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