osechi ryoriSAN FRANCISCO — Part of the Japantown Foundation’s mission is to support cultural activities in Japantown and in the Japanese American community. This is usually done through its grants program, but once a year in January, the foundation puts on our own cultural event centered around osechi ryori, the traditional food prepared to celebrate the new year.

In osechi ryori, certain dishes are carefully presented on New Year’s Day to wish for good health, happiness, and prosperity.

The osechi ryori event will be on Thursday, Jan. 8, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Hotel Kabuki, Post and Laguna streets in Japantown.

Pabu, Sanraku, Sushi Ran, Yama-sho, and Delica will once again prepare dishes that reflect a particular regional style of cooking of Japan that will serve as an added treat to the traditional Japanese New Year dishes that will be prepared.

Many Nikkei (Japanese Americans) and Nihonjin (Japanese nationals) families no longer have the time or knowledge to make osechi dishes. So in a tribute to remember this special tradition and share it with individuals interested in Japanese culture, the annual osechi ryori event was created to provide guests time to reflect, reminisce, and respect the symbolic meaning of each of the dishes offered as well as partake in great food that cannot be found in any restaurant or local market.

For more information, visit http://japantownfoundation.org.

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