Left: Bryce Livia, Pam Liva; right: Dianne Hamano, Kelly Kawata, Sienna Liva.

Brian Kito, owner of Fugetsu-Do in Little Tokyo, and son Korey were assisted by the Nikkei Women Legacy Association, formed by former Nisei Week queens, who volunteered for Mochi Madness 2018 at the store in late December.

Community volunteers helped pack mochi for the 2019 New Year’s distribution to local markets. Multi-generations of volunteers included: Dianne Hamano (former Nisei Week queen), Pam Liva (daughter), Bryce and Sierra Liva (granddaughters); Dulcie Kawata and daughter Kelly; Ellyn Iwata and son Derrick Yamashita.

Photos courtesy of Derrick Yamashita

Dulcie Kawata, France Wong, Ellyn Iwata.

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