Sodateru Towel’s Feel Line hand towel is available in six colors.

The Japanese brand Sodateru Towel is now selling their products in the United States. Their towels are super soft and manufactured with modern Japanese technology.

A-Z Corporation, the Tokyo-based parent company of Sodateru Towel, has more than 50 years of experience in the towel business internationally. In 2013, the company launched their own brand, Sodateru Towel, in Japan. In 2020, Sodateru Towel began selling their luxurious towel products in the U.S.

In 1965, A-Z Corporation started as a trading company between Japan and Taiwan. In 1980s, they established their own factories in China. They started producing high-quality towels using their innovative one continuous operation. They tightly control the manufacturing of their towels from the initial production of thread all the way through to the finished product. Sodateru Towels are made in China and then shipped to Japan, where the production process is finished.

Regular towels become thinner and grow coarse over time. However, Sodateru towels actually increase in volume and fluffiness when washed and dried. The secret is a patented thread that’s manufactured using modern Japanese technology. This special thread is highly absorbent and incredibly lightweight. Their towels are packaged in stylish boxes that makes them an elegant and unique gift idea.

Based on the brand’s great success in Japan, Sodateru Towel expanded their business internationally. In November 2020, Sodateru Towel opened an online store in the U.S., Sodateru Towel USA.

“Since it became so difficult to go back to Japan during the pandemic, I want many people to experience the comforting softness of Sodateru Towel,” said company spokesperson Tomoko Connolly.


Prize for Readers

To celebrate the opening of Sodateru Towel’s online store in the U.S., the company will give away free hand towels to five lucky readers of The Rafu Shimpo. The towels will be pre-selected colors from Sodateru’s iconic product line, a $30 value.

Simply send a postcard with your name, address and email address by Wednesday, June 30, to: The Rafu Shimpo, Attn: Sodateru Towel, 701 E. Third St., Suite 130, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Winners will be notified by mail.



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