What are some of the best foods to celebrate Japan? Are there easy recipes to make at home? Let Chef Marc Matsumoto add a taste of Tokyo to your Olympic menu.

Matsumoto, co-author of “Ultimate Bento” (Tuttle Publishing), is the host of the popular NHK World television series “Bento Expo,” which seeks to teach the world about the craft of bento making (currently in its fourth series and scheduled for a fifth). He is also a professional chef, restaurant consultant and food blogger.

Matsumoto was raised in Australia and the U.S., but was born in Japan and currently resides there, making him uniquely suited to bridge culinary cultures to bring these recipes to audiences around the world. You can keep up with him on social media @norecipes, and on his website. norecipes.com.

With several lifetimes worth of experiences spanning continents and industries, and an approachable, camera-friendly persona, Matsumoto brings knowledge and energy into programs ranging from food and travel to news and business.

“Ultimate Bento” is packed with practical techniques, step-by-step instructions, and useful tips for cooking and assembling 85 recipes that can be mixed and matched to make 25 nutritionally balanced bento box lunches.

Recipes include Grilled Salmon and Omelet Bento, Maitaki Mushroom Bento, Japanese Style Coleslaw and Miso Butter Chicken Bento.

What others are saying:

“The hosts of ‘Bento Expo,’ Marc Matsumoto and Maki Ogawa, make bento meals accessible to North American cooks with expert Japanese touches in their new book.” —The Vancouver Sun

“Features a fun and exciting combination of bento boxes along with helpful tips and tricks for both beginners and more experienced bento makers.” — Tara’s Multicultural Table blog

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