SEYO Winter Season 2022 : Weekly Results

Updated on 2/7/22 @ 4:14pm

Girls 3rd Grade White
2/6/20221:15 PMWPCVFW Dragonflies18NYS Tsunami20
2/6/20222:30 PMWPCWPC Nighthawks9OCO Neon Pandas26
Girls 3rd Grade Blue
2/6/20223:45 PMWPCJetts Sparkles0Venice Rascals0
2/6/20225:00 PMWPCFOR Blue WavevsNYS Blue Ninjas
2/6/20226:15 PMWPCTigers HoopstersvsFOR Local Motion
Girls 4th Grade
2/6/202212:00 PMOA-NWLA ImpactvsOCBC Yoshis
2/6/20221:15 PMOA-NNYS Galaxy GirlsvsWPC Storm
2/6/20222:30 PMOA-NOCO Orange MangosvsNYS Blue Hearts
2/6/20223:45 PMOA-NSaberettte Shooting Stars14WPC Firecrackers8
2/6/20225:00 PMOA-NVFW Swish8OCO Tigers20
Girls 5th Grade
2/6/202212:00 PMOVHS-EBruins Rainbow WarriorsvsVFW Supersonics
2/6/20221:15 PMOVHS-EWPC Shooting StarsvsOCBC Green Dragons
2/6/20222:30 PMOVHS-EWPC Lava GirlsvsOCO Lightning Bolts
2/6/20223:45 PMOVHS-EVFW PandasvsNYS Force
2/6/2022ByeTigers Wild
Girls 6th Grade
2/6/202212:00 PMOVHS-WFOR Hula Stars13VFW Heart & Hustle40
2/6/20221:15 PMOVHS-WVFW Fireblast15WPC Wahine Warriors25
2/6/20222:30 PMOVHS-WNYS Phoenix31WLA Herricanes23
2/6/2022ByeJETTS Sweet Elites
Girls 7th Grade
2/6/202212:00 PMGGHS-LWPC Kawaii Shooters20NYS Sparks24
2/6/202212:00 PMGGHS-SVFW Girls on Fire42Mustangs Shooting Stars9
2/6/20221:15 PMGGHS-LWPC Dunkin Donuts38OCBC Fireworks18
2/6/20221:15 PMGGHS-SOCO Heat19VFW Truth11
2/6/20222:30 PMGGHS-SFOR Wonder Girls27OCO Storm41
Girls 8th Grade
2/6/20222:30 PMGGHS-LOCO Sakura White28NYS Starbursts33
2/6/20223:45 PMGGHS-LNYS Elite19OCO Sakura Blue43
2/6/2022ByeFOR Mochi Monsters

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*SEYO does not publish scores for Boys 2nd Grade and Girls 2nd Grade

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