March 15, 2011 16:30

This warden message is to inform U.S. citizens of important information
related to the earthquake and recent events. The Japanese government issued
an additional advisory on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. stating that
residents within 20-30 Km of Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Station should
remain indoors. The Japanese government had previously announced on
Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 7:33 p.m. that all residents within 20 Km of
Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Station must evacuate the area.  American
citizens should continue to observe all instructions given by Japanese
authorities.   Below is important information regarding airports and
transportation, methods on how to contact relatives in the United States,
and other information.

U.S. citizens in need of emergency consular assistance should send an e-mail
to with detailed information about their
location and contact information.  We also recommend U.S. citizens in Japan
make contact with loved ones in the United States.

Please continue to monitor the Embassy痴 website,, for updated information.  For telephone
inquiries, please call 202-501-4444 or 1-888-407-4747.

How to Communicate with Your Family in the United States

We encourage you to try to contact your family and friends.  Possible ways
to inform your family of your situation:

1. While there have been disruptions in communications in Japan, including
the interruption of internet and mobile telephone service, we encourage you
to continue your efforts to be in contact with your loved one(s) using SMS
texting and other social media (e.g., FaceBook, My Space, Twitter, etc) that
your loved one(s) may use.

Other possible ways to inform your family of your situation:
2.   Cell Phone Messages

If you have a cell phone in Japan, you can post messages via your cell phone
provider.  Family and friends who know your cell phone company can check the
cell phone company’s website below and type in your phone number to see any
message you have left.  The available areas are Aomori, Miyagi, Yamagata and
Fukushima prefectures.

For Docomo users:
For KDDI (Ezweb) users:
For Softbank users:
For Wilcom users:
For Emobile users:

NTT emergency voice message board:    Dial 171. View message board at https:

3. Family Links website of the International Committee of the Red Cross:
This website provides a way for you to inform your relatives that you are
alive. Your relatives can look for your name. or

Flight Information for Narita and Haneda Airports

Flights at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport are departing with some delays.
For the most up-to-date flight information, we recommend you contact your
airline. Limousine buses and trains are running with limited service.  The
U.S. Embassy recommends that travelers budget additional travel time to
reach these airports.

Flight Information from Fukushima Airport

Fukushima Airport has nine flights available to Haneda, Itami, Nagoya, and
Shin-Chitose airports.   For ANA flight information and reservations,
contact (0570-029-222) or visit For AirDo Airlines・flight
information and reservations, contact (0120-057-333) or visit

Information about Missing Persons

For information in Japanese about missing persons:
Miyagi Prefecture:  022-221-2000
Iwate Prefecture:  0120-801-471
Fukushima Prefecture:   0120-510-186    090-8424-4207    090-8424-4208

Counseling Services

Counseling Services for JET Programme Participants
JET Programme:
AJET Peer Support Group: 050-5534-5566

Other Counseling Services

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL): Tel: 03-5774-0992,