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Chronic Lower Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Neck Pain

Chronic Computer Pain

Muscle Pain

Knee Pain

Joint Pain


Ankle Pain

Tennis Elbow

Nerve Pain

After one minute of using the stimulator on my knee, the pain was gone. I told my wife about it.
When she applied it to her hand, pain from her hand is relieved. I have since bought and used the stimulator; it has relieved the pain in my hand, knees, and stiffness pain in my neck. It is absolutely the best purchase I have ever made.
I recommend it to anyone who suffers from pain.
Robert and Sun, California

It is a tool whose time has come. A great need is being met. Words do not do it justice. Its effects must be seen and felt. H-Point is now indispensable to the practice of Therapist friends. Neck tightness and lower back pain are easily cleared. Many people are being blessed through the use of this wonderful, effective, and easy to use H-Point. Thank God for making this wonderful Gift available to all.
Dr. Hank, Arizona

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“My girlfriend and I have spent many years researching and using products from all over the world. But no other products gave us such positive results so quickly.”
Yoko, Santa Monica, CA

“Enspri simply answered my prayers. I needed help for my aging, dry skin and tired look—and now all my friends tell me that my face looks so radiant! My skin feels so smooth and moisturized that some friends ask whether I had a face lift!”
Susan, Diamond Bar, CA

“I began using Enspri products one year ago and the results have been amazing!! Prior to using your product, I had dry patchy skin with brown spots due to hormone changes and sun damage. For years I had tried expensive products and peels to cure the dryness and fine lines that were multiplying quickly. However, I was unsuccessful until I tried Enspri. The changes in my skin happened almost immediately. My skin today looks 10-15 years younger. The dryness, uneven coloring and fine lines are gone. In fact, I have gone from wearing heavy foundation to a very light foundation. Just recently a woman asked me if I had plastic surgery to get such beautiful skin, and I proudly said, “No!” Thank you so much for products that have truly changed how I look and feel about myself.”
Sue Ann, Orange, CA