Rafu Shimpo: The First 100 years


1903 – The Rafu Shimpo is established on the second floor of 128 North Main Street. The first issue of the Rafu Shimpo is mimeographed by Rippo Iijima, Masaharu Yamaguchi, and Seijiro Shibuya.

1904~1905 – The Rafu Shimpo begins daily publication and typeface printing is introduced. Masaharu Yamaguchi takes over as the second publisher.  He succeeds Seijiro Shibuya.

1908 – The Rafu produces its first yearbook, including a list of community organizations, businesses, personalities and greetings.

1926 – The Rafu introduces its first English section in a Sunday special edition.

1931 – The first Nisei Week celebration.

1942 – Executive Order 9066 issued by President Roosevelt.  Persons of Japanese ancestry residing on the West Coast are incarcerated en masse. The Rafu Shimpo ceases publication.

1946 – The Rafu Shimpo reopens at its prewar location.

1969 – The first annual Manzanar Pilgrimage takes place.

1979 June – Little Tokyo Service Center opens.

1980 March – JACCC is formed.

1999 January – Japanese American National Museum opens new pavilion in Little Tokyo.

2003 April – The Rafu celebrates its 100th anniversary.

2021 – The Rafu Shimpo releases the new and improved rafu.com. With a host of user-friendly new features and tools, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy the Rafu Shimpo from wherever you are in the world.