Ethnic Media Preferred
About 34 per cent of the estimated 1.15 million Japanese Americans prefer bilingual and Japanese-language media. Japanese who live in America have the highest median household income ($70,849) nearly $21,000 above the national average.

Historical Data
Japanese Americans are often considered the most successful segment of the Asian American population Approximately 42.8 per cent of Japanese Americans speak some Japanese in the home.

Of the 847,562 Japanese Americans counted in the 2000 U.S. Census, 32.4 per cent are foreign-born.

Managers and Professionals
Japanese Americans have a highly professional profile. In 2000, Japanese in America had the highest proportion (91 percent) of those 25 and over who had at least a high school diploma.

Show Her the Money
According to the 2000 Census, women of Japanese ancestry have the highest median earnings ($35,998), according to the 2000 Census, among Asian women and earned $8,800 more annually than all women.

Upscale Appeal
The success of Japanese language media lies in its appeal to this upscale ethnic group, which maintains socioeconomic and cultural ties to Japan.  Three years ago, The Rafu Shimpoincorporates news pages from Tokyo-based Mainichi Shimbun into its daily paper.  These pages, which are sent digitally to The Rafu Shimpo, provide up-to-the-minute news from Japan to readers in the U.S. The Rafu Shimpo is a primary source of information for Japanese-fluent individuals and include

In-Language Preferred
The Rafu Shimpo features bilingual reporting and comprehensive coverage of local community news, including sports, travel, health, science, politics, arts and entertainment.

More Good News…

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