Tsutomu Ben Watanabe, 70-year-old, Kobe, Japan-born, resident of
Cerritos, passed away on March 30. He is survived by his beloved
wife, Yoko Amy Watanabe; his mother, Keiko Watanabe of Japan; mother-
in-law, Mariko Oishi; aunt, Reiko Watanabe of Japan; brother,
Kuntatsu (Zuishu) Watanabe of Japan; sister, Yoshiko (Seiichi)
Takasaki of Japan; sister-in-law, Mieko Watanabe of Japan and Chieko
Cindy Nishihira; brother-in-law, Alfred Nishihira; uncle, Sei
Imamura; and also survived by other relatives in Japan.
The memorial service will be held on April 10 at 3 p.m. at Faith
United Methodist Church, 2115 W. 182nd St., Torrance, with Pastor
Hidemi Ito officiating..
www.fukuimortuary.com (213) 626-0441

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