nagata dance1SAN FRANCISCO – On Saturday, June 14, join locally renowned dance instructor Corrine Nagata and her crew of passionate dancers, dance teachers, and staff, as their program, Nagata Dance (ND), celebrates the grand opening of Nagata Dance Studio (NDS), located at 1740 Buchanan St. in Japantown.

After 20 years of experience inspiring excellence in New York and San Francisco schools with a unique teaching method that balances structure with fun, Nagata is ready to expand her program to include a permanent studio location.
Nagata began her dance career in her hometown of San Francisco, at the School of the Arts (SOTA), after which she traveled across the country to train at the University of North Carolina’s School of Dance at Winston-Salem.

Upon graduating from this prestigious program, Nagata discovered her passion and talent for teaching dance during an eight-year artistic adventure in New York City, where she had the opportunity to work with students and teachers from all different socioeconomic backgrounds at Jaques d’Amboise’s National Dance Institute, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the Dance Theater of Harlem.

Since Nagata is a native San Franciscan Yonsei, the location of NDS, which overlooks the intimate cobblestone courtyard of Japantown’s Buchanan Mall, furthers ND’s mission to provide exceptional dance education that is personal and community-oriented.

“The studio feels like a home,” says Nagata. “Our students, families, and new neighbors have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. I knew I wanted to open the studio in Japantown, because it reminded me of the place my grandparents had their business when I was a kid. Their culture and enthusiasm for being a part of the community really stuck with me and is a big part of Nagata Dance.”

Corrine Nagata
Corrine Nagata

Nagata’s grandparents, Don and May Iwahashi, owned a picture-framing business that eventually led to a fulfilling pastime in art, namely painting and poetry writing. Nagata carries on this family tradition as a community artist in the form of dance and choreography: the studio will expand Nagata Dance’s ability to enrich the lives of children and adults through dance.

Her other grandparents, Ed and Lily Nagata, lived in Fresno County and owned a small farming business. Ed, age 98, served his community as a civic leader, continues to live in his farmhouse in Kingsburg, and is a big fan of Nagata Dance.

The family and friends of Nagata Dance invite you to join them for the grand opening festivities. All are welcome. Participate in a free community class led by Nagata, and enter the $5 raffle for the chance to win one of several special prizes, including dance classes at the studio.

Celebrations begin at 11:30 a.m. with a “community mingle.” The ribbon-cutting, free community dance class, and apple cider toast follow at 12, 12:30, and 1 p.m., respectively.

Stick around for one of two one-hour, family-friendly performances featuring local Bay Area artists, including members of the Nagata Dance faculty, at 2 and 7 p.m. Tickets ($15 per adult and $5 per child, cash only) are available at the door as early as one hour before each show.

Then, help Nagata and her Nagata Dance instructors kick-start the new studio by signing up your child for Dance Camp, which is for all children ages 5-13 who desire to be creative, explore a variety of dance styles and discover the joy of dance.

For more information about Nagata Dance opportunities and studio offerings, visit or contact Nagata and her associates directly at or (650) 346-5592.

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