SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League will host “Otsukimi” (Moon-Viewing) on Saturday, Sept. 6, from 5 to 8 p.m. on Shelter Island by the Yokohama Friendship Bell.

Yokohama Friendship Bell
Yokohama Friendship Bell

The program will feature shakuhachi by Jonathan Crick, koto by Kyoko Takeda, and sanshin (Okinawan precursor to the shamisen) by Kazuaki Uehara, who will perform otsukimi sanshin songs from Yaeyama, Okinawa.

A telescope will be provided by the San Diego Astronomy Association.

Registration is $5. RSVP by clicking here. Deadline is Thursday, Sept. 4.

Bento box (pre-order only) is $15; cold soba noodles are $5 (can be pre-ordered but also available on-site). Rice crackers and ice teas will also be available on-site. Bring your own chair and other items if you like.

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