Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

TOKYO — The Prime Minister’s Office of Japan released the following statement on an April 27 meeting between Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R):

“At the outset, Prime Minister Kishida welcomed Gov. Youngkin’s visit to Japan, and emphasized that Japan and Virginia have shared a strong relationship over many decades through investment and job creation by Japanese companies in Virginia as well the sister city relationships their communities have forged. He then expressed his hopes that Gov. Youngkin’s visit to Japan would serve as an opportunity to further strengthen Japan-U.S. and Japan-Virginia ties.

“Gov. Youngkin responded that Virginia and Japan already enjoy a robust economic relationship, and that he looks forward to further deepening this partnership of trust.

“Prime Minister Kishida stated that the most important issue for Japan and the U.S. is to ensure peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region. The governor expressed his respect for the leadership displayed by the prime minister regarding the decision to reinforce Japan’s defense capabilities and substantially increase Japan’s defense budget as stipulated in the new ‘National Security Strategy’ formulated late last year by the Japanese government.”

“As Japan maintains its economic stature and strength, Virginia looks forward to continuing a reciprocal trade relationship that benefits both players,” said Youngkin. “Together we can advance our shared goals and vision for a more productive and prosperous future.”

Since 2012, Japanese companies have announced more than $1.7 billion in Virginia capital investments, and Japanese companies employ more than 14,500 people in Virginia. 

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