Following are excerpts from some of the commentaries that have been posted about Ann Curry’s abrupt departure from NBC’s “Today” last week.

Ann Curry

Jon Friedman, MarketWatch: “Ann Curry … is getting thrown under the bus. By all accounts — especially those of the omnipresent New York Times — ‘Today’ is trying very hard to exile co-host Curry. The melodrama has spiraled into a full-fledged media circus. Adding to the spice, it’s occurring at a precarious time for NBC, which is worried about its hold on the morning-television sweepstakes.

“Even if you loathe Curry, you have to feel sympathy for her.”

David Hinckley, New York Daily News: “Does someone at NBC think that publicly hanging a respected 15-year veteran journalist out to dry makes for good television? It sure didn’t on Thursday, when Ann Curry’s farewell as co-host of ‘The Today Show’ made for television that was downright painful.

“For the viewer, it was uncomfortable and awkward watching Curry try to put a professional face on being thrown under the bus. For NBC, it should have been embarrassing.

“Whatever you think of Curry as a ‘Today’ co-host, and there are legitimate disagreements on that point, no one deserves this sort of slow, forced march to a public execution.”

Andrea Peyser, New York Post: “It wasn’t ‘Today.’ It was a snuff film. The ‘Today’ show yesterday didn’t just fling Ann Curry, kicking and screaming, under the bus. The folks at NBC ran her over, backed up the monster truck, and, for kicks and giggles, executed her on live TV.

“The show didn’t even display a single cheesy segment of her greatest hits, such as interviews with the Dalai Lama or Iranian chucklehead Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Or, to NBC’s distress, Curry jumping out of a plane and coming up alive … Serial killers, hookers and CBS failure Katie Couric get more respect.”

Robert Blanco, USA Today: “Savannah Guthrie is either very brave or very foolish. After all, even with the mountain of money you’d surely be offered, would you want to step into the role of ‘Today’ show co-host just one day after Ann Curry’s tearful forced exit? You’d have to know a large portion of the audience that always liked Curry, or now pities her, is primed to hate you …

“Worse yet, having watched NBC publicly throw Curry under the bus (albeit with what was most likely a very comfortable cash cushion), you’d better know that if the ratings don’t pick up, those bosses are going to put the blame on you. And good luck trying to argue that your male TV companions, Matt Lauer and Al Roker, might be equally, if not more, culpable.”

Kristi Turnquist, The Oregonian:  “Watching Curry in her usual co-host seat alongside Matt Lauer Thursday and Friday morning (June 21-22) has brought to mind the clumsy way NBC handled the Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno debacle. Like them, Curry — who has roots in Oregon, and is a University of Oregon grad — is on the air, doing her job while furious speculation occurs everywhere around her. It’s been hard not to feel bad for Curry, and very easy to feel what definitely seems like chilly relations between her and Lauer on-air.

“There’s already been plenty of backlash against NBC and the ‘Today’ show for its treatment of Curry. Some have wondered why Lauer isn’t getting any blame for the show’s ratings dip, and why women co-hosts seem to get thrown under the bus more often than the guys do. Others have expressed disappointment at seeing Curry depart, because it was refreshing to see someone of her heritage — Curry is Japanese American — in this high-profile position.”

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  1. Anything corporate has no heart, all that matters is ratings. This is why I have no use for anything corporate you could work for an organization 25 years and you’ll get thrown under the bus. So if you think you have a lifetime job your only fooling yourself. Watch for yourself take what you can while you can because you’ll be next and your wonder why. Think about yourself first not the corporation.

    Art MAEDA

  2. SHAME ON YOU NBC & Today Show Execs!!
    Whether or not she was actually responsible for your recent ratings drops (I strongly suggest not), Ann Curry did nothing to deserve the undignified & hurtful manner in which you tossed her to the curb last week!

    She has interview skills that are light years beyond Matt Lauer’s for the obvious and simple reason that she knows how to empathize with a guest, and to ask what the audience wants to know. We have wondered for years why Matt Lauer got the torch from Bryant Gumble instead of anyone else less wooden and arrogant as he. And now we read that Lauer insisted you get rid of her for him?! That’s just Sad.

    You sent Ann to the wolves and made her announce her own departure without even the right to state why – how do you executive types sleep at night or look yourselves in the mirror? You and Lauer go ahead and enjoy your ‘Good ol’ boy’ relationship, while the rest of us thinking & feeling people refuse to watch the Today Show any longer, as the only way we have to protest the shabby treatment of this hard-working, professional (in every sense of the word) lady journalist. I hope she lands on both feet and excels beyond Matt Lauer’s wildest dreams, while the Today Show tanks for lack of humanity.

    SHAME ON NBC & the Today Show!!!

  3. Want to topple the empire? We the People have the power. NBC is nothing without its viewers. No viewers means no advertisers, no advertisers means no show!!! Let’s make history today people. This will be one that will go down in the books and will always be remembered for the debacle that white men in business suits who were solely interested in the mighty green lost it all by their total disregard to human compassion, decency and their ignorance to the word ‘loyalty’. VOTE with your remote people!!! Take a stand to the injustice that was served to Ann Curry. Do NOT waiver as that’s what the NBC Exec’s are hoping as they try to tempt and tease us with the Olympics hoping all will be forgotten and they will never have to face up to their egregious actions against an seasoned veteran to the show and against us, THE PEOPLE, who ultimately help them rake in the ‘green’. Say NO!! Say we won’t stand for it!! Vote with your remote!! Boycott NBC, unlike their page, write their sponsors!!! Stand uniform people!!! This will not be swept under the carpet, our voices will be heard. We are outraged and simply disgusted by the Exec’s at NBC!!! Make them pay, make them learn.  Let’s hit them where it hurts the most- THEIR WALLETS!!!  We the people have the power. We control who gets the advertising revenue by the shows WE watch.  We can topple the empire!! And we will go down in history for doing so. Do NOT mess with the viewers who are responsible for your paycheck. And you can watch the Olympics online so NBC is not the only game in town. We the people have the power, Let’s topple this empire!!!!!!

  4. I will no longer watch the Today show after NBC dismissed Ann Curry in such a horrible manner. Why don’t you look at Matt Lauer. He looks like a deer in headlights when he is interviewing anyone. The interview he did with the lady from Conn. who lost her children in the Christmas Day fire was terrible. I’m moving to CBS Morning Show.