Tadayuki Miyamura was born 1919 in El Monte, California to parents Tadashi & Juyiki Miyamura. His father farmed southern California. At the age of 9 (the great depression), his parents moved the family to Japan with his brother Frank and sister Aiko. In Kumamoto, Japan, he studied Horticulture and Agriculture. At the age of 16, he came to California and began working in Stanton, California. He found work at the Murata Family Farm for 25 cents a day including room and board. Around 1939, he tried to change his trade to fishing where he worked in San Pedro as a Sardine fisherman. He did this trade until 1941 until the outbreak of WWII.
During WWII he met Toshiko Yamamoto at Tule Lake concentration camp. He worked as a barber and she worked the beauty shop. He was transferred to Poston Arizona to “cook” as he said. After the war, he went back to Japan with his new wife (Mother). In Kumamoto Japan, he worked for the US/Japan as an occupational translator. Daughters Donna and Carol were born at this time.
About 1950, Tadayuki returned to California to work for his brother, Frank, in the produce trucking business. He was able to reinstate his US citizenship with the assistance of a class action legal process. Mother, Donna and Carol came to California from Japan via airlines (DC-6) in 1951. Settling down in Boyle Heights, he bought a new International pickup truck, and started his gardening business. Wally was born in 1955.
In 1962, he bought a house in Anaheim, California. This house was chosen by mom since the house had an attached beauty shop. There he lived and raised his family. He worked in the Gardening profession until he retired around 1997. He raised his family and enjoyed life with his family and friends of which he maintained a close relationship. He worked very hard through the years, rarely vacationing. He always ensured there was plenty of food in the house. He was always generous and lived a simple life.
Ted is survived by his son, Wally, and daughter, Donna, and his extended healthy family of 6 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren. He has an older sister, Mitsuko, and other brothers and sisters in Japan. He now joins his wife and daughter Carol, in peace. Tadayuki will be laid to rest at Rose Hills Cemetery service on January 26th at 3 p.m.

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