Orange County Buddhist Church dance instructor Irene Yamanishi leads many of the attentive dancers through one of the Obon numbers on June 29 at the OCBC Obon Festival in Anaheim. The two-day event featured cultural entertainment, games, a boutique, fresh produce, food booths, and talks on Buddhism.
Dancers wore yukata, happi coats or their regular clothes. OCBC’s happi coats are, appropriately enough, orange, and members can be spotted at other Obon festivals around the Southland.
The Imagawa yaki crew was hard at work over a very hot grill trying keep up with demand for the Japanese pastries.
The summer heat made shaved ice a popular item.
Clothing and a variety of other items were on sale.
The excitement builds at the doughball stall, where a game of chance keeps everyone hoping for a big payoff.

Photos by MARIO G. REYES/Rafu Shimpo

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