Last week, for want of anything better to do, I was going to blame the record heat wave on my friend, “Oh-bah-keh-sama.” Then I remembered reading something about spirits (and their ilk) don’t mess with such mundane matters as weather. Mysticism, yes; sweating, no.

So what is there to report on the “O” front, you ask? Surprisingly, not too much, folks. But that’s certainly not going to stop me from regaling you with the latest antics.

In CR2S’s version of “As the KRH World Turns,” it’s as if “O” has gone on a much-needed hiatus – vacation – spring break – “me” time. As it was, the early morning visitations had dwindled to a precious few, compared to the regularity of two years ago, let alone 2013.

Let’s see now, the last rundown was in the April 3 column. The significance of that report was the emergence of a strange scratching, rather than a tap or knock, from inside the bedroom wall cabinet! It’s as if “O” decided a new approach was required to maintain a continuing level of intrigue. She most certainly succeeded.

There were only two other “knock knock” incidents in April. The first was a routine double knock on the door; the next a more memorable 3:19 a.m. tap on the headboard of my bed. She then reverted to the now familiar pattern of a *single ring of the telephone interrupting early morning serenity. There were six of these happenings sprinkled over what was left of April.

[*A Reminder: The ring always occurs on my #2 land line instrument that is cradled next to my bed; the main (#1) phone is in the front room. When there is a normal incoming call, #1 always rings first; a split second later the bedside #2 sounds off. The rings thus alternate until I pick up to answer. On the occasions when “O” calls, only the #2 bed phone rings, never #1! And after a single bleat, the line goes dead.]

An update for the month of Mayo is brieffo, if not short. On Cinco de, there was a rather hurried 2:18 a.m. tap tap tapping, as if in motion. On the 12th, a Monday, there was a surprisingly early 10:36 p.m. telephone ring, which was followed by two knocking visits on the 15th. Because of the infrequency of visitations lately, I’ve been able to carefully chart exact times and dates, looking for some sort of sequence or hint of a possible pattern. Like what did I do, who did I see and converse with, reading or viewing subjects, anything that might shine a light on whatever is going on, no matter how outlandish.

[**Note: I categorize telephone ringing and door knocking as “early” when they occur during a time when chances are good I’ll be awake at that moment; like a 10:36 p.m. ring or a 6:45 a.m. door tapping. I no longer tumble out of bed and take fourteen barefoot steps to open the door and gaze out at an empty corridor at 3:21 in the a.m. But at 6:45 in the morning, when chances are good there is human foot traffic in the hallway? Now that’s when it’s worth a look-see even though I’m certain it will all be for naught. Alas, each time like Olde Mother Hubbard, the cupboard/corridor is always bare! When the phone rings at 3:19 in the morn, now all I do is open mine eyes, check the time, smile and go back to sleep. But when the telephone sounds off at 10:36 at night, at a time when I’m awake, now that’s when it’s intriguing. The phone screen merely shows “incoming call” when activated. I’ve never been fortunate enough (or dumb enuf) to be staring at the telephone at the exact moment of a call. Thus I have no idea what the message memo might be. “O” is calling? I don’t think so. There have been a couple of occasions, maybe three, when the phone rang and I whirled to answer in a nanosecond. Still not fast enough, even though my pillow is only 18” away from the nightstand. It’s always a dead line before I can answer.]

For the record, a 4:55 a.m. double knock on Thursday the 15th was the last “O” visitation, and only the second for the month. And but one telephone call. This tally is a far cry from the tumultuous uproar of months gone by. It’s quite obvious the time intervals and frequency rate have dropped dramatically. This irregularity could be an ominous sign. I certainly hope not. CR2S is not prepared for a sayonara, tearful or otherwise.

= * =

Several months ago, an avid CR2S reader prompted her Sansei son to read several of the “O” articles and outlined the ongoing local mystery. The readings prompted him to contact a professional mystic (I guess there are such things) friend to see if there might be something of interest for him. I have yet to hear from the go-between (or the pro). I believe he’s written several books on spirits and mysticism. He also conducts tours of haunted houses and associated mysteries. Maybe I should sign on for one of his bus tours to get a first-hand view of other local ghost sites and background stories.

W.T. Wimpy Hiroto can be reached at williamhiroto@att.net. Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.


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