koyasan mamemaki 2016Attendees at the annual “Mame-maki” rite at Koyasan Temple in Little Tokyo toss soybeans and shout “Fuku wa uchi” (In with good luck) and “Oni wa soto” (Out with the devil) on Feb. 7. The ceremony marks the coming of spring, when the misfortunes of the past year are cast aside. Participating in the ceremony were: (front row, from left) Temple President Tatsuo K. Ito, Rev. Taisen Miyata (Toshi-otoko), Bishop Junkun Imamura, Nisei Week Queen Sara Kuniko Hutter (Toshi-onna), and Fujin-kai Chairperson Ryoko Takata; (back row, from left) Rev. Keishin Kako, Rev. Ryuzen Hayashi, and Brandon Paris, who played the Oni.

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