WASHINGTON – Rep. Mark Takano (D-Riverside) released the following statement on April 4 after Gov. Jerry Brown and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed laws that will phase in a $15 minimum wage.

Rep. Mark Takano
Rep. Mark Takano

“I emphatically support the bold action taken today in California and New York to adopt a phased-in $15 minimum wage. An overwhelming majority of Americans support increasing the minimum wage because they believe — as I do — that no one working full time in America should live in poverty. These laws will support low-income workers and establish a model for other states that are committed to helping working families.

“Opposition to increasing the minimum wage is often based on myths and misinformation — about the age of minimum wage workers, the effect of increasing the minimum wage, and other economic consequences. The reality is the average age of a minimum wage worker is 35 years old, and an increased wage can actually stimulate the economy by increasing workers’ disposable income. I’m confident California and New York will demonstrate that the true impact of setting a decent minimum wage is a more robust economy that rewards work.

“I’m proud that my home state is taking the lead in addressing income inequality and helping working families out of poverty.”

Last year, Takano published “A Plan to Fight Poverty,” a report that specifically called for a $15 minimum wage to help working families achieve a basic standard of living.

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