Voting continues for the 2018 BroadwayWorld Los Angeles Awards, brought to you by BroadwayHD.

Nominations were reader-submitted and now readers get to vote for their favorites.

Regional productions, touring shows, and more are all included in the awards, honoring productions that opened between Oct. 1, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2018. BWW’s local editors set the categories, readers submitted their nominees, and now you get to vote for your favorites. Voting will continue through Dec. 31.

To vote, go to and enter your email address.

Current standings include plays with Asian American connections — “Allegiance” (East West Players), “Cambodian Rock Band” (South Coast Repertory), “Soft Power” (Ahmanson Theatre), “The King and I” (Segerstrom Center for the Arts), “South Pacific” (La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts), “Letters to Eve” (The Zoo Theatre Company).

Note: These are unaudited numbers. All voting results will be tabulated, and will be audited at the conclusion of the voting process to remove fake, duplicate and other invalid votes.

Elena Wang as Kei Kimura and Ethan Le Phong as Sammy Kimura in the Los Angeles premiere of “Allegiance” starring George Takei at the Aratani Theatre, co-produced by East West Players and Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. (Photo by Michael Lamont)

Best Musical (Local): “Allegiance,” 5 percent

Best Play (Local): “Cambodian Rock Band,” 3 percent; “Yohen” (East West Players), 2 percent

Choreography (Local): Rumi Oyama, “Allegiance,” 5 percent

Choreography (Tour): Christopher Gatelli, “The King and I,” 17 percent; Sam Pinkleton, “Soft Power,” 6 percent

Costume Design (Local): Halei Parker, “Allegiance,” 5 percent; Julia Lisa, “Letters to Eve,” 2 percent

Costume Design (Tour): Catherine Zuber, “The King and I,” 16 percent; Anita Yavich, “Soft Power,” 5 percent

Brooke Ishibashi, with guitarist Joe Ngo, lets it fly during a performance of “Cambodian Rock Band.” (Photo by Tania Thompson/South Coast Repertory)

Director of a Musical (Local): Snehal Desai, “Allegiance,” 4 percent; Glenn Casale, “South Pacific,” 2 percent; Julia Lisa, “Letters to Eve,” 1 percent

Director of a Musical (Tour): Bartlett Sher, “The King and I,” 10 percent; Leigh Silverman, “Soft Power,” 6 percent

Director of a Play (Local): Chay Yew, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 3 percent; Sean Cawelti, “Kaidan Project” (Rogue Artists Ensemble), 0 percent

Featured Actor in a Musical (Local): George Takei, “Allegiance,” 9 percent; Eymard Cabling, “Allegiance,” 2 percent; Scott Watanabe, “Allegiance,” 2 percent; Greg Watanabe, “Allegiance,” 1 percent; Daniel Sugimoto, “Letters to Eve,” 1 percent; Arvin Lee, “Letters to Eve,” 1 percent; Max Lichtig, “Letters to Eve,” 1 percent

Featured Actor in a Play (Local): Daisuke Tsuji, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 3 percent

“Letters to Eve” cast members Melvin Biteng, Mark Labella, Scott Takada, Arvin Lee, On Shiu. (Photo by Austin Schumacher)

Featured Actress in a Musical (Local): Lea Salonga, “Annie: The Musical” (Hollywood Bowl), 13 percent; Natalie Holt MacDonald, “Allegiance,” 3 percent; Jodi Kimura, “South Pacific,” 1 percent

Featured Actress in a Musical (Tour): Joan Almedilla, “The King and I,” 12 percent; Alyse Alan Louis, “Soft Power,” 8 percent

Featured Actress in a Play (Local): Tina Huang, “Cult of Love” (IAMA Theatre), 4 percent; Brooke Ishibashi, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 4 percent

Leading Actor in a Musical (Local): Ethan Le Phong, “Allegiance,” 6 percent; Melvin Biteng, “Letters to Eve,” 4 percent; John Cudia, “South Pacific,” 1 percent

Leading Actor in a Musical (Tour): Conrad Ricamora, “Soft Power,” 5 percent

Leading Actor in a Play (Local): John Ngo, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 3 percent

Conrad Ricamora (center) plays Xue Xing, a Chinese executive experiencing American culture, in David Henry Hwang’s “Soft Power.” Performing in whiteface are cast members (from left) Maria-Christina Oliveras (obscured), Geena Quintos, Billy Bustamante, Jaygee Macapugay, Jon Hoche and Daniel May. (Photo by Craig Schwartz)

Leading Actress in a Musical (Local): Elena Wang, “Allegiance,” 4 percent; Stephanie Renee Wall, “South Pacific,” 4 percent

Leading Actress in a Musical (Tour): Laura Michelle Kelly, “The King and I,” 17 percent

Lighting Design (Local): Karyn Lawrence, “Allegiance,” 6 percent; David Weiner, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 2 percent

Musical Director (Local): Marc Macalinal, “Allegiance,” 4 percent; Brent Crayon, “South Pacific,” 2 percent; Dan Sugimoto, “Letters to Eve,” 2 percent; Matthew MacNelly, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 2 percent

Musical Director (Tour): David O, “Soft Power,” 9 percent

Scenic Design (Local): Se Hyun Oh, “Allegiance,” 5 percent; Takeshi Kata and Se Hyun Oh, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 2 percent

Sound Design (Local): Cricket Myers, “Allegiance,” 7 percent; Mihail Fiksel, “Cambodian Rock Band,” 2 percent

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