Ken Jennings is hoisted by fellow contestants Brad Rutter, left, and James Holzhauer after winning the “Jeopardy!: The Greatest of All Time” tournament on Tuesday.

Jennings, a 45-year-old former software engineer from Seattle, takes home the grand prize of $1 million, bringing his winnings over 15 years of appearances on “Jeopardy!” to $4,370,700.

The shows, aired on ABC, were actually taped in December, but the contestants were sworn to secrecy regarding the results.

The three contestants were chosen for the first-of-its-kind tournament on the strength of their record performances; Rutter is the all-time money winner on the show at over $4.6 million; Holzhauer holds several marks, including the highest total for a single game ($131,127); and Jennings’ streak of 74 straight wins in 2004 still stands.

Jennings was the only one of the trio to correctly answer the final clue, to name the non-title character with the most speeches in a Shakespeare tragedy. Not sure of the answer? See below.



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