Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot and Giant Robot2 in Sawtelle Japantown has donated much-needed N95 masks to the medical community to help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus.

“We bought some masks during the fires last year,” Nakamura said. “At the time, they were only a dollar each and today they’re rare and unfortunately priceless. I know a great doctor at a hospital near DTLA that’s very short on masks — even to this moment.

Eric Nakamura

“I’m glad to help out even in this tiny way, but in the end, the healthcare providers are doing the heavy lifting. I’m doing my part by staying out of the way.”

“We healthcare providers will take mask donations for use in the hospital from anyone who will offer them,” said the doctor, who asked not to be identified. “Many thanks to Giant Robot for the N95 mask donation! They will definitely go to good use. (I added the logo only for taking the photo to show my gratitude.)

“We are all doing our best, and we shall prevail.”

Many shops in Sawtelle have been deemed non-essential and are closed. Giant Robot ( is doing online business only.

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