SAN GABRIEL — The Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Gabriel has been temporarily closed due to COVID-19 concerns and is due to reopen on June 17.

The following notice was posted outside the store, located at 515 W. Las Tunas Dr., on June 9: 

“Mitsuwa Marketplace always prioritizes the health and safety of our loyal customers and  hard-working employees. Because a proactive approach is extremely important to us, we will continue to provide information and to communicate as clearly as we can with our community.

“We have temporarily closed our San Gabriel store immediately after one of our employees has reported a confirmed case of COVID-19 to us on June 9. The last date the staff member was in the store was June 2.

“While the store is closed, we will conduct deep cleaning and sanitization throughout the store that not only matches the CDC’s guidelines but also meets our own even stricter guidelines. We have already informed all our employees at the San Gabriel store and provided the information they need to safeguard their health.

“Our San Gabriel store is scheduled to reopen on June 17 after 14-day quarantine period recommended by CDC’s guideline. Once opened, we will continue to closely monitor, clean, and sanitize before, during, and after the store hours, as we always do.

“Thank you for your continuing support.”

In California, Mitsuwa also has stores in Torrance, Irvine, Costa Mesa, San Diego and San Jose. For more information, visit

Nijiya’s Torrance store and Marukai’s West L.A. store were also closed recently for sanitization.

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