Koyasan Troop 379 Scouts Keith Kida and Brian Kida have received National Certificates of Merit awards from the Greater Los Angeles Area Council and National Courts of Honor in recognition for the first aid rendered to an elder neighbor.

Keith and Brian are the sons of proud parents Ryuhei and Shoko Kida of Wilmington.

At the time Keith, 13, and Brian, 11, were at home and directed by their mother to help their neighbor, who was seen to have fallen. The Scouts helped their neighbor, who had apparently been tripped by her dog’s leash. The fall resulted in a head injury with bleeding from falling headfirst onto a boulder.

The victim wrote, “My neighbor boys came so fast jumping rocks and bushes to get to me and pick me up, bravely ignoring my dog’s barking and growling. My safety was first in their minds.”

The victim’s son adds, “The boys as far as I’m concerned are the real heroes. They could simply had called 911 for help, but instead they went to help her and do what they could to save my mother.”

Scout Ryan Ouwerkerk (Glendale) had taught the young Scouts first aid just three months ahead of the incident.

At the next Court of Honor, each Scout will formally receive his certificate.

Koyasan Boy Scout Troop 379 was established in 1931 at Heart Mountain Relocation Center during World War II and remains in Little Tokyo at the Koyasan Buddhist Temple, 342 E. First St. Boy Scout and Cub Scout meetings are held on Friday nights starting at 7 p.m. For more information, email recruit.troop379@gmail.com.

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