TORRANCE — Faith United Methodist Church, supported by Sansei Legacy, will continue its Japanese Movie Night series virtually on Sunday, January 17, at 7 p.m.

“Let’s go around the restrictions which prevent us from meeting in person and watching a movie,” said event organizers. “It’s possible for everyone to rent the movies and watch it yourself. Then for those who wish we can have a Zoom meeting to talk about the movie.

“Let’s begin by having everyone rent [Akira] Kurosawa’s ‘Kagemusha.’ While it’s not available on Netflix, you can rent it for $3.99 on many other sites including Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, and for $2.99 on Microsoft.

“If you rent and watch ‘Kagemusha’ (running time 2 hours 39 minutes) and watch it beforehand, we can talk about the movie on Zoom.”

To participate in the conversation, email to receive an invitation.

Kurosawa’s 1980 feudal epic presents the tale of a petty thief (Tatsuya Nakadai) who is recruited to impersonate Shingen (also Nakadai), an aging warlord, in order to avoid attacks by competing clans. When Shingen dies, his generals reluctantly agree to have the impostor take over as the powerful ruler. He soon begins to appreciate life as Shingen, but his commitment to the role is tested when he must lead his troops into battle against the forces of a rival warlord.

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