Haruhei and Kinuko, the Japanese couple feataured in “My Love: Six Storie of True Love.” (Netflix)

By MOYOUNG JIN, Executive Producer, “My Love: Six Stories of True Love”

Before the Netflix original documentary series “My Love: Six Stories of True Love,” there was a documentary called “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” in South Korea. This film was loved by 4.8 million viewers when released in the winter of 2014. Since then, it took me a lot of time to understand why so many people were touched by the story.

The vast majority of humans meet and live together. When this relationship lasts for a good deal of time, we call it “happiness.” Otherwise, we feel “unhappy.” Some even believe life’s success or failure depends on the continuation of love.

So, how can we achieve both being happy and successful? Most content that we watch nowadays talk about, or at least is related to the concept of love. So I guess love is still mankind’s most thought-about topic.

While producing “My Love: Six Stories of True Love,” the common thing we discovered amongst the six couples who have loved each other for a long time was their sense of humor and compassion towards each other. Humor was an important bridge that opened the door for them to communicate truthfully.

And understanding each other with a warm heart seemed like the key to their life-long journey towards happiness. By being able to communicate with each other authentically, these couples have been able to lead a peaceful life.

It would be a great luck to meet a perfect partner who has all of these things that will lead us to love. Self-reflection is vital. Ask yourself; “Am I the right person? Am I prepared and making a full commitment to love?” We should be better individuals first, then expect our partner to be the same. After all, love is reciprocated and exchanged between two people.

Partnering with Netflix for “My Love: Six Stories of True Love” made me happy because the message that I wanted to tell with “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” can now be shared widely with the world. We collaborated with talented filmmakers in different countries to create six unique love stories that transcend borders and time.

“My Love: Six Stories of True Love” is a work that sincerely supports the lives and love of viewers. I hope this story will be a good guide to ultimate love. I love you all.

“My Love: Six Stories of True Love” was released on April 13, only on Netflix.


“My Love: Six Stories of True Love”

Directors: Elaine McMillion Sheldon (Episode 1), Chico Pereira (Episode 2), Hikaru Toda (Episode 3), Moyoung Jin (Episode 4), Carolina Sá (Episode 5), Deepti Kakkar and Fahad Mustafa (Episode 6)

Synopsis: Korean director Jin Moyoung expands his acclaimed documentary “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” into the poignant global series “My Love: Six Stories of True Love.” Local filmmakers from six countries around the world follow one elderly couple — together for anywhere from 43 to 60 years — through a year in their lives. From the Korean seaside to a Rio favela; the suburbs of Tokyo to rural farmland in India, Spain, and the U.S.; couples share the stories and the secrets of their long-lasting love.

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