Discover Nikkei, a web-based project of the Japanese American National Museum focused on promoting connections and understanding among the global Japanese diaspora, announces the 10th edition of its “Nikkei Chronicles” special series, an annual, themed open call for writings.

The word “Nikkei” refers to Japanese migrants and their descendants. This year’s theme, “Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families and Communities,” calls for stories from multiple generations and diverse communities of Nikkei. Stories should examine intergenerational relationships in Nikkei communities around the globe, with a particular focus on the emerging younger generations of Nikkei and how they connect (or don’t) with their roots.

Writing prompts or ideas include: dialogues between older and younger Nikkei; profiles or interviews with fascinating younger Nikkei; trends among younger generations; changes in values or priorities from generation to generation; the evolution of language and how it’s used; the impact of local customs and histories on intergenerational relations; coalition-building across communities; and thoughts on legacies to leave behind for future generations.

Personal stories, memoirs, interviews/Q&As, essays, research, reviews, and other forms of prose on this rich topic are all welcome. Submissions will be accepted until Sept. 30, 2021, at 6 p.m. PDT. Multiple entries are welcome. All submissions that meet the submission guidelines and criteria will be published in the Discover Nikkei Journal on a rolling basis as part of “Nikkei Chronicles #10 — Nikkei Generations: Connecting Families and Communities.”

An editorial committee, plus online readers, will pick “favorite” stories that will be promoted and translated into the site’s four languages of English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. These reader favorites will receive additional exposure from the multilingual translations.

Through its rich multimedia website, Discover Nikkei strives to promote a more profound understanding of the complex histories and insights of multicultural, multiracial, and multinational people of Japanese descent around the world. Previous editions of “Nikkei Chronicles” have explored the ways Nikkei express their culture, whether through food, language, or sports. This 10th edition aspires to gain insight into how global Nikkei communities are evolving.

“Nikkei Chronicles #10” is presented with Community Partners: APJ (Japanese Peruvian Association)-Youth Division (Peru), ASEBEX (Brazilian Association of Former Scholars in Japan, Brazil), Comissão de Jovens do Bunkyo (Brazil), JCI Brazil-Japan, Kizuna (U.S.), and Movimiento De Menores AELU (Peru). The youth-based organizations will be outreaching to their local communities to encourage participation.

This year’s Nikkei Generations logo was created by artist Jay Horinouchi. He will be interviewed by Discover Nikkei on July 6.

For more information, and to read already published Nikkei Generations stories, visit

About Discover Nikkei is a major online resource that brings together the voices and experiences of Nikkei (Japanese emigrants and their descendants), who have created communities throughout the world. The multilingual website—available in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese — documents Nikkei history and culture and provides learning and networking tools for Nikkei around the world. At the same time, it seeks to explore the diverse and ever-changing meaning of the term Nikkei. The site’s rich multimedia content includes excerpts from life history interviews, first-person stories and essays, journalistic profiles, research papers, opinion pieces, short fiction, lesson plans, and listings for events worldwide. After 16 years, Discover Nikkei has published articles by over 1,000 writers worldwide and presented excerpts from nearly 200 video life history interviews. The content currently represents 15 countries, and it continues to grow.

About the Japanese American National Museum (JANM)

Established in 1985, JANM promotes understanding and appreciation of America’s ethnic and cultural diversity by sharing the Japanese American experience. Located in the historic Little Tokyo district of downtown Los Angeles, JANM is a hybrid institution that straddles traditional museum categories and strives to provide a voice for Japanese Americans as well as a forum that enables all people to explore their own heritage and culture. Since opening to the public in 1992, JANM has presented over 70 exhibitions onsite while traveling 17 exhibits to venues such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Ellis Island Museum in the U.S., and to several leading cultural museums in Japan and South America. For more information, visit or follow them on social media @jamuseum.

About Asociación Peruano Japonesa (APJ)-Youth Division (Japanese Peruvian Association)

The main function of APJ’s Youth Division is to lead the strengthening of the Nikkei community in Peruvian society through the creation of entrepreneurial and professional networks and promoting leadership, innovation, and the development of cultural identity and Nikkei values.

About ASEBEX (Brazilian Association of Former Scholars in Japan)

ASEBEX is a nonprofit organization that brings together alumni who have studied or interned at universities, research centers, and companies in Japan. Their mission is to strengthen the Brazil-Japan exchange through actions that promote the exchange of experiences between former scholars and interested parties, as well as the development of people who contribute to society. Their main activities are the promotion of scholarships to Japan and preparatory seminars for future scholars.

About Comissão de Jovens do Bunkyo

Volunteers from Brazil-based Comissão de Jovens do Bunkyo work in the planning and execution of charitable and cultural events at Bunkyo and partner organizations, in addition to fostering the development of other community youth groups. They preserve, value, and disseminate Japanese culture through the integration and development of young people from the various entities.

About JCI Brazil-Japan

This is a local São Paulo, Brazil chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a nonprofit organization of young active citizens, age 18 to 40, who are committed and involved in making an impact in their communities. JCI members are active citizens from all sectors of society who embrace new ideas, collaboration, and diversity, and are concerned about the future of our world.

About Kizuna

Based in Los Angeles, Kizuna is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build a future for the local Japanese American community through the education, empowerment, and engagement of the next generation.

About Movimiento De Menores AELU

The Movimiento de Menores AELU is a youth group in Peru affiliated with the Asociación Estadio La Unión (AELU), established in 1981. Its mission is to encourage young people to become agents of change for a better world and their vision is to lead through service, generating an impact on society. They organize different activities for children and young people to help them develop leadership skills and contribute to their personal, family, social, and professional development.

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