Kirishima Mayor Shinichi Nakashige (left) and Alhambra Mayor Jeff Maloney.

Alhambra Mayor Jeff Koji Maloney posted the following message on Facebook on Nov. 26:

“What an honor it was to be welcomed to Alhambra’s sister city of Kirishima, Japan by Mayor Shinichi Nakashige last week!

“Alhambra and Kirishima share many commonalities, but I was also struck by the differences in government structures and obligations.

“However, business aside, Mayor Nakashige and his staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating during our brief visit during a family vacation to Japan.

“Kirishima is located in Kagoshima Prefecture, way down south on the island of Kyushu, where my mom’s family is also from. It is an absolutely beautiful place to visit, with rivers, forests, and coastline scenery in all directions. Highly recommended!

“If you visit, tell them I said ‘Konnichiwa!’”

Some of the sights that Maloney and his family took in during their visit to Kirishima.

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