Joe Noboru Nakashima, 89, passed away on July 4. He was born Dec. 23,
1920 in Parlier, Calif. He graduated from Roosevelt High School and
made Eagle Scout before being relocated with his family to Manzanar.
Following WWII, he returned to Los Angeles where he worked for years
at Tayama Wholesale Florist.
He was preceded in death by his wife Ofelia and is survived by step-
daughter Mary Louise (Richard) Cathcart; grandchildren Paula (Ian)
Nettleship, Faith (Ian Malkasian) Cathcart, Michael (Michelle
Mizumori) Cathcart and Robin (Simon Mudd) Cathcart; great-
grandchildren Robert and Claire Nettleship and Marius Cathcart-Mudd.
He also is survived by brother Tom Nakashima and sister Sumiko
(Robert) Hayamizu; nieces Cathy Iyemura, Susan (Gregory) Myers, Terry
(James Denegre) Hayamizu, and other extended family.
Graveside Memorial to be held Monday, July 19, 11 a.m. at Forest
Lawn, 21300 Villa Verde Dr., Covina, Calif.

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