I know many of you have key problems. Forgetting to take them out when you change from one purse to another or locking them in your vehicle or leaving them inside the keyhole of the door instead of removing them or putting an item over them, etc., etc.

May I share some harrowing experiences I have had with keys and other experiences? I know God’s mysterious ways have always prevailed.

1. One afternoon I went shopping and had six large bags of groceries to carry from the alley where the garage is to my apartment. I had to make three trips back and forth to my apartment. I did not park my car in the garage because I wanted go on another errand very shortly. After I unloaded the six bags and started to leave my apartment, I had my house keys, but not my car keys. (I keep them on separate key chains.) I looked in every bag, every section of my purse, on the table, underneath the table, on the chairs, underneath the chairs, but no car keys.

I got the extra car keys that I keep and walked back to the garage. Lo and behold, some kind and honest person had found my car keys and placed them under the windshield wiper of my car. Believe me, I said a prayer of thanksgiving to God and for that person.

2. Another incident was when I was going to take my cat to the vet. I had my car keys in my left hand and the pet carrier in my right hand. I opened the door and set the carrier down on the car seat, locked the door from the inside and closed the door. I realized then that I had accidentally placed the car keys alongside the carrier when I set it down.

Against the wall in the alley, there are trash cans for the tenants. Inside one of the trash cans was a wire coat hanger. Fortunately, my neighbor whose garage is next to mine appeared. Since the window on the passenger side was slightly ajar, he graciously opened the door with the wire coat hanger and I was able to get my keys. I thanked God for the wire coat hanger and for my neighbor.

3. I had just come back from the laundromat loaded with a shopping cart full of clean clothes. I decided that I would stop at the mailbox to see if I had any mail. I had my mailbox key separate from my apartment keys at that time. (Now I keep them on the same keychain). I guess it was a little early for the mail delivery, so I went to my apartment. About three hours later, I thought I would check again to see if I had received any mail. I could NOT find my mailbox key. I looked frantically in the cart where I had my clothes — no key.

I then thought perhaps I might have dropped my key in front of the mail box. I had done just that. The key was lying on the grass in full view in front of the mailbox. I thanked God again, because so many people are constantly passing in front of my mailbox and anyone could have picked it up.

4. When I worked for a government agency in the 1940s, we were paid in cash every Friday. I stopped at Woolworth to buy a new wallet. I didn’t like the wallets I saw, so I decided to try another store. When I reached the store, I realized I did not have my wallet.

I ran back to Woolworth, which was a block away, and there was my wallet on top of several other wallets. I thanked God that my wallet was still there.

5. One Thursday morning, I heard a voice within me saying, “Buy The L.A. Times” several times. I kept avoiding the voice, but it would not cease. Finally, in the afternoon, I went and bought an issue of the Thursday L.A. Times. In the issue was an article by the National Library of Poetry asking for the submission of poems and stating that some of the chosen poems would be published. What a thrill it was to have my poem “In His Arms,” about the passing of my beloved cat, Toughy, published. Had I not heeded the voice, I would have missed out on a published poem.

6. I could not find my favorite paring knife, which I use every day. So I rummaged through the trash bin and went through all the trash. I could not find my paring knife, but I found a teaspoon that I was unaware I had put in the trash bag. Had I not gone through the trash, I would have lost a teaspoon since pickup trash day was the following day.

Oh yes, I found the paring knife. It was after a voice said, “Open this drawer.” I do not use this particular drawer every day and was grateful I found the paring knife.

God indeed works in mysterious ways. He has plans for our lives every day and everything is at or on His terms and according to His will. We have to be patient and it may take time, sometimes years, but if it is meant to be, it WILL come to be. We have to learn to take suffering and/or hardships as a blessing. I know because I have experienced such so many times in my life.

Oh, yes, may I add that’s why doctors call people “patients” because we have to be patient and wait our turn. Sometimes we wait for 30 to 45 minutes after the appointed time. It is a rare occasion that we are called to see the doctor as scheduled because, of course, we ain’t the only patient to see the doctor. (I just love the word “ain’t.”)

We often wonder what and why strange things happen to us, but never forget God works in mysterious ways and always watches over us. Amen and Meow!

Maggie Ishino is a Rafu typist. She can be reached at Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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  1. Hi Maggie
    I LOVE this story! I have a loooong history of losing keys dating back to when I was a child and could really relate to your story! May you continue to be blessed by the kindness of friends and strangers and most of all, God’s small voice helping you to find your keys and your way!