WASHINGTON — Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) entered the following statement into the Congressional Record for Dec. 12 to observe the retirement of his colleague:

Sens. Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka

“Mr. President, today I would like to honor the legacy and service of my colleague and dear friend, Sen. Daniel K. Akaka.

“My brother, Sen. Daniel Akaka, has been my friend and partner in Washington for 36 years.

“During that time, he has fought hard for Native Hawaiians, veterans, and the needs of Hawaii.

“I am sad at the thought of the Senate without him and I am sorry I am unable to join him on the floor today.

“Dan Akaka is the spirit of aloha.

“I have always relied on his even keel and hard work to help me represent the people of Hawaii. And I have never, ever heard him utter a harsh word or do anything to harm another person.

“There are few words to describe a kind man of his stature, but I assure you, Hawaii and this nation are better because of his work.

“On behalf of the people of Hawaii, thank you Danny. There will never be another like you.”

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