JAO Invitational Basketball 2013 Season
Midget Copper
San Gabriel High – Court 3
As of December 11, 2012

Jan 6 – Week 1
10:00 Tiger Starz vs Bruins Hoop Stars
11:00 Venice Wildcats vs Saberette Comets
12:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Evergreen Angels
1:00 WLA Thunder vs HD Dolphins
2:00 Jetts BBall Girls vs Mustang Blasters
BYE SF Swish

Jan 13 – Week 2
10:00 Saberette Comets vs Bruins Hoop Stars
11:00 Tiger Starz vs HD Dolphins
12:00 Venice Wildcats vs Mustang Blasters
1:00 Jetts BBall Girls vs Evergreen Angels
2:00 WLA Thunder vs SF Swish
BYE Tigerettes Roar

Jan 20 – Week 3
9:00 HD Dolphins vs Jetts BBall Girls
10:00 SF Swish vs Tigerettes Roar
11:00 Evergreen Angels vs WLA Thunder
12:00 SF Swish vs Tiger Starz (week 7)
1:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Venice Wildcats
2:00 Mustang Blasters vs Tiger Starz
BYE Saberette Comets

Jan 27 – Week 4
10:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Evergreen Angels
11:00 Mustang Blasters vs HD Dolphins
12:00 Saberette Comets vs SF Swish
1:00 Venice Wildcats vs Tigerettes Roar
2:00 Tiger Starz vs WLA Thunder
BYE Jetts BBall Girls

Feb 3 – Week 5
10:00 HD Dolphins vs Evergreen Angels
11:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Tigerettes Roar
12:00 Mustang Blasters vs SF Swish
1:00 Saberette Comets vs WLA Thunder
2:00 Venice Wildcats vs Jetts BBall Girls
BYE Tiger Starz

Feb 10 – Week 6
10:00 Evergreen Angels vs SF Swish
11:00 Mustang Blasters vs WLA Thunder
12:00 HD Dolphins vs Tigerettes Roar
1:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Jetts BBall Girls
2:00 Saberette Comets vs Tiger Starz
BYE Venice Wildcats

Feb 17 – Week 7
10:00 Venice Wildcats vs Evergreen Angels
11:00 Bruins Hoop Stars vs Mustang Blasters
12:00 Saberette Comets vs HD Dolphins
1:00 Jetts BBall Girls vs Tigerettes Roar
BYE Tiger Starz vs SF Swish
BYE WLA Thunder

Feb 24 – Week 8
10:00 Mustang Blasters vs Saberette Comets
11:00 SF Swish vs Jetts BBall Girls
12:00 Evergreen Angels vs Tiger Starz
1:00 HD Dolphins vs Venice Wildcats
2:00 Tigerettes Roar vs WLA Thunder
BYE Bruins Hoop Stars

Mar 3 – Week 9
10:00 Evergreen Angels vs Saberette Comets
11:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Tiger Starz
12:00 SF Swish vs Venice Wildcats
1:00 WLA Thunder vs Jetts BBall Girls
2:00 HD Dolphins vs Bruins Hoop Stars
BYE Mustang Blasters

Mar 10 – Week 10
10:00 Jetts BBall Girls vs Tiger Starz
11:00 WLA Thunder vs Venice Wildcats
12:00 Evergreen Angels vs Mustang Blasters
1:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Saberette Comets
2:00 SF Swish vs Bruins Hoop Stars
BYE HD Dolphins

Mar 17 – Week 11
10:00 Tiger Starz vs Venice Wildcats
11:00 Jetts BBall Girls vs Saberette Comets
12:00 WLA Thunder vs Bruins Hoop Stars
1:00 SF Swish vs HD Dolphins
2:00 Tigerettes Roar vs Mustang Blasters
BYE Evergreen Angels

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