CARSON — The Helen’s Dream Coalition, a support group for former Carson City Clerk Helen Kawagoe, sent the following message to its members on Feb. 27:


Our mission statement states “… that we come together and endeavor, at every turn, to fight political injustices and any politician’s action which inflicts impairment onto the best interest of the people.”

As we all know, three members of the Carson City Council voted against naming the Council Chambers in honor of Helen Kawagoe until after she’s dead. Those same three council members are on the March 5 ballot; Lula Davis-Holmes is running for mayor and Mike Gipson and Julie Ruiz-Raber are running for re-election to the City Council.

The Helen’s Dream Coalition, in accordance with our by-laws, does not endorse any political candidate; however, we feel it is vitally important to support those candidates who have publicly stated that they support our coalition and its efforts to have the Council Chambers named for Helen now! Those candidates have all stated that their first action on the council will be to pass that resolution and honor Helen Kawagoe for her devotion to the City of Carson.

The candidates who support the Helen’s Dream Coalition are:

Candidate for mayor — Jim Dear

Candidates for City Council — Charlotte Brimmer, Joseph Gordon, Albert Robles, Timothy Muckey, Steven Anyaka

We urge you to vote on March 5 and to cast your ballot for the candidates who will make Helen’s dream come true. We also encourage you to talk to your family, friends and neighbors about the importance of voting for the candidates who listen to the community and will support all community-based efforts.


The coalition plans to hold a get-out-the-vote rally on Monday, March 4, from 5 to 6 p.m. at the intersection of Carson and Avalon.

The Gardena Valley Democratic Club has endorsed Dear, Brimmer and Robles, all of whom are GVDC members. It also opposes Carson’s Measure M, which would eliminate the direct election of a mayor and return to selection of a mayor by the City Council on a rotating basis, with the mayor to be compensated the same as other council members. If passed, Measure M would go into effect in 2017.

The Daily Breeze endorsed Davis-Holmes, Ruiz-Raber and Gipson. “For all the wackiness, it’s amusing to watch politics unfold in the City of Carson,” the Feb. 21 editorial said. “With the election on March 5, voters have an opportunity to end the nonsense and send a message that Carson’s next mayor and City Council must get serious.” Brimmer or Gordon were recommended to fill Davis-Holmes’ council seat if she is elected mayor. The editorial did not mention the Kawagoe controversy.

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