GARDENA — The City of Gardena Senior Citizens Bureau will host a Senior Action Fair on Friday, March 15, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Ken Nakaoka Community Center, 1670 W. 162nd St., Gardena.

Seniors will learn how to protect themselves against identity theft, investment scams, credit card fraud and other forms of financial abuse. Experts from the FBI, the Police Department, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Social Security Administration, the Center for Healthcare Rights and other organizations will provide information and giveaways.

Refreshments and sack lunches will be available. Lunches are $2.75 and can be reserved by calling the Gardena Senior Citizens Bureau at (310) 217-9552.

The event is co-presented by Wise & Healthy Aging, the Los Angeles Department of Aging, and the County of Los Angeles.

Possible Scam Reported

Gardena police warned people Monday to watch out for a pair of apparent scam artists who recently confronted a woman outside a Vons supermarket, City News Service reports.

According to police, the woman, described as “elderly,” had just placed her groceries in the trunk of her car and was in the driver’s seat when a woman knocked on her window, told her she had found a wallet and asked if it was hers.

Another woman then joined the conversation, and asked if the victim could take them to the police station to turn in the wallet, which they said had a significant amount of cash in it.

“The elderly woman told them it was not her wallet, and that she would not drive them anywhere,” according to a police statement. “Fortunately, other shoppers witnessed the incident, and she was able to drive away.”

The women were described only as black, possibly in their 60s and “nicely dressed.” Police said the women had committed no crime, but their actions were regarded as suspicious.

Anyone approached in a similar manner was urged to call police at (310) 323-7911.

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