The 2013 Nikkei Games Shotgun Sporting Tournament committee – front row, from left: Gary Miyatake, Keith Tsuchiyama, Tom Nakawatase. Back: Don Tsuchiyama, Chris Naito, Georgette Wadahara-Masuda, Mike Ishikawa, Glenn Yamashita, Lynn Wadahara and Craig Tsuchiyama. (Photo courtesy of Gary Miyatake/Toyo Miyatake Studios)

Mike Ishikawa has been named to chair the first Nikkei Games Shotgun Sporting Tournament, to be held Sunday, Aug. 11, at the Triple B Clays range in El Monte.

Ishikawa, who was named to the National Association of Skeet Shooters’ 2012 All American Rookie Team, was asked to organize an event by Nikkei Games General Chairman Art Ishii.

Ishikawa’s success has sparked interest in skeet shooting – firing at a flying clay target – within the Japanese American community.

The annual Nikkei Games includes events such as basketball, volleyball, martial arts and track and field.

Ishikawa has assembled a committee to help plan and host the tournament at the shooting range, located just off the Pomona Freeway at the Rosemead exit.

The committee members are Gary Miyatake, Tom Nakawatase, Chris Naito, Georgette Wadahara-Masuda, Lynn Wadahara, Roy Masuda, Craig Tsuchiyama, Keith Tsuchiyama, Glenn Yamashita, Richard Takasago, Kathy Takasago and Don Tsuchiyama.

The one-day tournament will include a gun safety class and introduction to shooting a flying target by Hall of Fame skeet shooter and coach Don Ziegler. He will be assisted by certified instructors Jim Wong – who also is the president of the Southern California Skeet Association – and Richard Wilkenson, a 2012 Class All American skeet shooter.

Each student will then practice what has been learned in the classes and participate in a 50 sporting clays tournament under the close supervision of experienced shotgun shooters and coaches.

Scores of each shooter will be kept and tallied with the winners in the different classifications (beginner, experienced, by age and by sex) receiving Nikkei Games medals.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the gun safety class and a color photograph, compliments of Gary Miyatake and Toyo Miyatake Studios.

All participants will receive a bento lunch and coffee and pastries, compliments of Kings Hawaiian Bakery.

Loaner shotguns and safety goggles will be made available for shooters without shotguns, but each contestant must bring three boxes (25 shells per box) of the shotgun shells.

Total cost to enter this tournament is only $45 per shooter. Participants at all levels of shooting are invited to attend but the field is limited to 100 participants.

This tournament is geared to the newcomer to shotgun shooting and will open the doors to the exciting and fun hobby of shooting at clay targets that mimic or simulate dove, duck, quail, pheasant and even rabbit.

For registration or more information, contact Mike Ishikawa at (310) 925-9604 or e-mail him at He will answer any other questions you might have and make sure a registration form is mailed to you.

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