Dear Editor,

Many people may think that your paper has been covering the Tuna Canyon Detention Station story only recently, but Paul Tsuneishi and I know better.

Paul and I first contacted you in October 2006 when you first ran our letter to the editor saying we were looking for Japanese American families that were affected by the WWII Tuna Canyon Detention Station. At that time we stated that Little Landers Historical Society was planning to place a California State Park historic marker at the site.

In January 2008, you ran a short piece on your front page asking for help from the public. Later in September 2009, you ran a very large article with photos on the front page by Nao Gunji.

This year, your continuous coverage helped us fill the meeting rooms for PLUM (Planning and Land Use Management Committee), Cultural Heritage Commission and the City Hall Chambers. The sheer numbers and cross-section of Americans was  a statement in itself.

We are deeply grateful for your support that helped this happen. Not only will the California State Park marker be installed, but with the help of L.A. City Councilman Richard Alarcon, a Los Angeles historic-cultural monument will also go on display.

Our committee has much to do before we are finished, but the day will come when this special park of remembrance will be open to all. We hope you will be there to witness and celebrate this moment of truth.

We hope local schools will use this facility to remind students what happens when racism, driven by rumor and fear, destroys the precious freedom of any segment of our society.

On behalf of Paul Tsuneishi and myself, and the Sunland-Tujunga community, thank you for your continued support.

Lloyd Hitt, Historian, Little Landers Historical Society

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