Teaching is a God-given gift. Yes, I know there are teachers and there are “teachers,” as in any professional occupation.

Being a teacher can be most gratifying as well as heartwarming. For many years in San Diego, in a concentration camp in Poston, Ariz., in San Francisco and Los Angeles, I taught children in Sunday school, ages 7 to 10. What a wonderful age to “introduce” the love of God to these children.

One of my memorable and amusing incidents in my typing class was when one student was having extreme difficulty setting the right margin on a Brothers typewriter, which was manufactured in Japan. After I sat by her side for several minutes, she was finally able to maintain the right margin. Exasperated, she then commented, “Oh! The Japanese ought to stick to cars!”

In my ESL classes, it was somewhat difficult for the Korean students to understand what I was saying at times. I knew that Koreans over age 50 had to learn Japanese, so I would revert to Japanese. Their eyes would light up and their heads would nod in appreciation. I tried not to use Japanese too often.

There is no greater teacher than our Lord, Jesus Christ, who taught 2,000 years ago. He is still teaching the world today through the Bible, written by chosen people.

Remember, it is NEVER too late for anyone to learn and be taught. Knowledge is something one never loses.

Amen and Meow.

Maggie Ishino is a Rafu typist. She can be reached via email. Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.

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