Some will say, “Too bad.”

Others will say, “Thank goodness.”

The reason?

Well, I’ve been trying for the past two hours to get my computer working so I could put my Saturday column together.

I decided to call Editor Gwen to tell her about my problem.

However, I thought to myself, “Let me give it another try to get my dang computer operating.

So I sat down before the dang PC and started pushing buttons on the keyboard.

And since you are reading this, the computer began working.

 So here I am, getting ready to pound out Saturday’s column.

As I said at the beginning, some will say, “Too bad.” Others, “Thank goodness.”


Yesterday afternoon, I was watching TV and as usual fell asleep.

My nap was short-lived because there was a loud knock at the front door.

I usually ignore knocks, but I looked over to the window and saw three JAs standing on the porch. So I got up and answered their knock.

It turned out that two of them were from Chicago, visiting relatives in Gardena, one of whom brought them to my place.

Seems that the two from Chicago read my column, so I guess since they traveled all the way to Gardena, they wanted to meet me. We chatted for a while and that was that.

Hopefully they will get their Rafu and read this bit. If they do, I’ll say, “It was nice to meet you.”


Well my computer is working as far as writing this column is concerned, but I discovered that my email wouldn’t work.

And since I really depend on my email to gather ideas for my column, I don’t know how much space I can fill.

Well maybe I’ll use my memory and try to recall some of the email I did read before it disappeared.

The one I still recall is from the reader who asked me if I was “stupid or uneducated.”

Another reader sent me an email in which he asked, “Did some reader actually ask you such a question?”

Yes, he — or maybe she — did ask me the question.

I guess over the years I’ve been asked the same question because of some of the things I wrote.

As most of my friends know, I am uneducated. That is, although I did attend college, I never received a degree. That’s because I quit college to take a job.

As far as being stupid, I guess I can accept that too.

Oh well, let my uneducated, stupid mind continue.

After all, having been pounding out a column for over 50 years, most might agree, “You must be stupid and uneducated.”

I have a lot of readers who follow my chatter, so I don’t feel too badly about my background.


From time to time, Supervisor Mike Antonovich emails me material I can toss in my column.

Today he sent me a photo of a dog named Rudy, a 2-year-old poodle.

Rudy is up for adoption, so anyone in the reading audience who wants to adopt him can call the L.A. County Department of Animal Care and Control at (562) 728-4610.

If I didn’t have three cats, I might put in a bid for Rudy.

Thanks for the info, Mike.


Yeah, it’s time to toss in a tidbit with a Vegas touch.

Mitsuo Endo, the revolutionary chef behind a highly acclaimed Vegas restaurant named Raku, has a new trick up his sleeve.

He’s opening a dessert-only restaurant called Sweets Raku. That’s right, a dessert-only eatery.

Japanese dessert specialist Mio Ogasawara will operate the new restaurant unlike any other in Las Vegas and possibly the entire U.S.

The menu will be served in courses and paired with a variety of desserts.

Endo intends Sweets Raku to be a spot either to start the evening or to wind down.

What else sets Sweets Raku apart? There’s the restroom, with one of those new-fangled electronic music boxes playing Vegas tunes.

The desserts will be assembled to order in front of the diners. It will be interesting to see that in real time, given Endo’s track record of innovation.

What kind of innovation? What about Japanese sponge cake wrapped around banana custard, topped with dollops of strawberry and raspberry mousse and ornate white chocolate carvings, served with warm strawberry sauce?

Sweet Raku is located at 5040 W. Spring Mountain Road — not far from Downtown —and is open Monday to Saturday, 3-11 p.m. It’s a new place, having opened on Aug. 6.

Well, on my next trip to Vegas, I’ll make it a point to try Sweets Raku and give readers my opinion on the place.


As I always do when looking for material for the column, I go to my main source — old newspaper clippings that somehow pile up on my desk without my really looking at them closely.

An example? Well, how many of you readers know that the lieutenant governor of the State of Hawaii is a Nisei?

Yup. His name is Shan Tsutsui.

When Gov. Neil Abercrombie appointed his second-in-command, Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz, to succeed the late Daniel Inouye, it left the lieutenant governor’s seat vacant.

So he offered the post to Tsutsui, who is from Maui. (My wife should enjoy that.)

Tsutsui at first decided not to accept the post. He wrestled with the decision for several days before he decided he would accept the offer to become the second-highest public official in the Islands.

The governor, in selecting Tsutsui, said he wanted his administration to be “non-Oahu-centric” to make sure the neighboring island’s voice could be heard.

Tsutsui was born on Maui and lives in Kahului.

In looking into his background, I found out Tsutsui is actually a Yonsei, which also makes him unique.

Hey, if something happens to the current governor and Tsutsui takes over the top spot, he will be the first Yonsei to gain the title of governor.


Another I-bet-you-didn’t-know item.

How many of you have heard of California Lutheran University?

Heck, how many of you even know where Cal Lutheran is located?

“So what?” you might say.

Well, the school located in Thousand Oaks is teaching English to students from all over the world, including many from Japan.

The school offers classes in four-week sessions covering speaking, listening, grammar and writing. The cost is $1,400 to $1,700 per session.

At that price, I guess only the Japanese can afford to attend CLU for English lessons.

In addition to classes, the school also offers social activities including trips to Disneyland, Dodger Stadium, and Universal Studios.

The Japanese students say English is very important in their country.


You have probably heard about the driver who ran over pedestrians on the Venice Boardwalk last Saturday.

Since many years ago I used to frequent the area where the incident took place, I can imagine the throngs of people walking in the area, enjoying the beach.

So it was kind of stunning that such a thing could happen.

One pedestrian was killed and a dozen injured.

They captured the driver, but according to the stories in the media, he didn’t seem disturbed by his actions.

So the question is, what will his punishment be? In this day and age, who knows?


Will close with a short note from a reader.

He wrote: “As you often write, ‘heh heh.’

“I guess you noticed that the Dodgers are in first place and might win the National League title.

“So what have you to say after you belittled them when they were in last place?”

Well, I guess I’ll move away from chatting about baseball and the Dodgers.

Yeah, I’m hoping they win, but hey, there’s still 50 games to go.

If the Dodgers do win, I’ll send you a dozen cigars.

George Yoshinaga writes from Gardena and may be reached via email at Opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of The Rafu Shimpo.


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