COMPTON — The National Pacific Island Educator Network will hold its annual conference in Compton this year.

Aileen Tanimoto-Matsuura
Aileen Tanimoto-Matsuura

Hosting will be Davis Middle School on Saturday, Nov. 2. Over 300 culture advisors, entertainers, choreographers, teachers and island ambassadors are expected.  New initiatives in the October National Asian-Pacific Month promotion will be showcased.

NPIEN President Aileen Tanimoto-Matsuura, a long-time secondary educator, announced the keynote speakers as Assistant U.S. Attorney Meghan Blanco and film producer Raymond Rolak.  Both will address new concepts and concerns in sports and entertainment law. Blanco’s address is titled “Know the Law” and Rolak will speak on sports empowerment regarding cultural enrichment.  He will also present some collaboration techniques that film director Brian Kohne used in “Get a Job,” which was recently released to DVD.

Break-out sessions will include presentations geared to musicians, island dance troupes and  Pacific cultural enrichment.  Victor Thompson, Ed.D., executive director of NPIEN, will introduce new President-elect Tino Andres. Vendors and informational booths will be open during the extended luncheon breakout session.

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