Amazon has begun taking pre-orders for George Takei’s new unisex cologne, Eu My, which goes on sale Dec. 15.

eau myThe name is a play on the actor/activist’s catch phrase, “Oh myyy!” (also the title of his latest book). The product, priced at $39.99, is described as follows:

“Set phasers to stunning. George Takei’s Eau My is a clean, refreshing fragrance for men and women. Subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger. Sensual woods, crystalized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver will delight you when dry.”

The cologne has already received some humorous online reviews filled with “Star Trek” references, such as this one: “Finally we can all smell the way a respectable Starfleet officer should, whether it be fighting against the Romulans, negotiating a peace treaty with the Klingon Empire or meeting the fate of your red-shirted counterparts.”

This is actually the second Takei-themed fragrance. The first was Genki Wear’s Sulu Pour Homme Excelsior, part of a “Star Trek” series that also included Pon Farr and Shirtless Kirk.

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