lions & tigers & bearsActor/activist George Takei’s latest book, “Lions and Tigers and Bears (The Internet Strikes Back),” was published on Dec. 13.

Takei is the undisputed King of Facebook, with millions of fans liking, commenting and sharing his posts each week. Following on his best-selling “Oh Myyy (There Goes the Internet),” in this second book he caps another year at the top of the Internet, with more hilarious compilations and commentary on the best memes in the galaxy, covering everything from Admiral Ackbar to Siri to Grumpy Cat.

But his reign isn’t all fun and LOLs. Takei also chronicles the “dark side” of the Net — how he has battled the haters, spammers and trolls, and even how some of his once-loyal fans were quick to turn on him.

Takei’s musings on the nature of our increasingly connected world — why people share, what it really means, and how the developing world actually gets how to use social media — are required reading for anyone trying to understand and leverage its power.

Takei has used his own powers as a social medialite for the good of humanity, taking on the forces of inequality and oppression both at home and in far-flung lands like Putin’s Russia, proving that “Uncle George” is not just fabulously funny, but fantastically fierce.

Kindle price: $9.99. Length: 186 pages (estimated).

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