hideo sakataHideo Sakata, president of LELA International, discusses a painting by the late Seichi Kiyohara, in the gallery space at the Little Tokyo Shopping Center on Third and Alameda. Although the exhibit “A Legacy of Two Japanese American Artists” – which also featured works by Shigeru Kasama – has officially closed, several pieces will remain on display through Sunday. Sakata said a forthcoming exhibit will feature a collection of works by several Korean American artists. For more information, visit www.lelainternational.com.


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  1. Thus, much of his early work was done in the spirit of social criticism and satire. Efforts from this period include performance art (Osaka Mixer Project, 1992), parodies of the “message” art popular in Japan in the early 90’s, (DOBOZITE DOBOZITE OSHAMANBE, 1993), and conceptual works (e.g. Randoseru Project, 1991). He also began developing his own pop icon, “Mr. DOB,” which would later develop into a form of self-portraiture, the first of several endlessly morphing and recurring motifs seen throughout his work. Though he garnered attention, many of his early pieces were not initially well received in Japan.