Dear Mr. Hiroto:

I am a Sansei who recently retired from the phone company after 32 years of service. My take is the Sansei/Yonsei/Gosei don’t understand the discrimination and humiliation suffered by both the Issei and Nisei that made it possible for the younger generations to take advantage of the opportunities they apparently take for granted. I don’t think they understand what respect for their elders means.

Even in 1974 when I was hired by the phone company, there was discrimination against minorities. Even though I have a college degree, I doubt I would have been hired unless the federal consent decree was mandated at TT in 1973. The discrimination was not as overt but still there.

I have been trying since last summer to get February 19th on the national calendar as a day to commemorate and show respect for not only the Issei and Nisei but all parents and elders in America. February 19th is symbolic and the commentary for that day should reflect the respect for those people’s sacrifices and impositions on their dignity.

As I recall, respect for elders and parents is an Asian tradition and may have some Western culture significance according to the Scriptures. It’s time to resurrect this cultural value in America! If you have any suggestions on persuading the people in positions to make February 19th a nationally remembered day, please let me know. I would like to see the Issei and Nisei and other immigrants respected and remembered forever for their contributions in the American cultural fabric.

Paul Koto, Denver

CR2S Commentary:  Received in December in response to CR2S column “Look to the Past,” which extolled the virtues of the Nisei. There were numerous “atta boy” and “I agree” reactions from Nisei, as would be expected; this Sansei observation is welcomed.

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. . . [F]or the record you should know that Kokoro in San Francisco is a non-profit organization.  Kokoro is not “for profit” as you incorrectly indicated in your article.

Kirk Miyake, Executive Director, Kokoro Assisted Living

[S]hould you not see any clarification I feel one should be provided by [**Rafu Shimpo**]. I say we write to the editor or editorial board and copy to Keiro board president . . . Also interesting is that Keiro CEO is also named Miyake. Any relation or just coincidence?

Bob (Obana), Unidentified

[CR2S: Rafu Shimpo, 01-22-14, “Keiro Rumors” column:  In next-to-last paragraph, CR2S wrote: *Nisei Gardens in Pacoima and Kokoro in San Francisco are two other JA care facilities that are currently for-profit operations.” I was misinformed. In checking my source notes, I was told Kokoro was “for-profit.” No excuse, still my bad. I include Obana, the second email message, which was not addressed to me, to show how important it is to some when misinformation is printed. And also because at first I misread his name as Obama.]

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Help Wanted: When in search of a remedy for leg cramps some years ago, I turned to CR2S readers for aid and surcease. You are as sharp as a crease, besides being knowledgeable. Eventually I got about a dozen remedies – and relief. Same result when it came to blocking unwanted robo-calls and how to preserve fresh strawberries past a few days.

Well, folks, I’ve got two current puzzlers that are stumping me and I need your input once again:

(A) Every morning recently when I exit my apartment to go to breakfast, I get an electric shock when I touch the door handle. Only when leaving, never when entering. I’m always wearing sneakers (without socks), very seldom shoes (w/socks).

(B) I often eat mochi, old-fashion style: toasted with shoyu and sugar; none of that ozoni stuff. I unfreeze a couple of squares (mine are not round) in the microwave for about two minutes, then put into a heated frying pan for a final toasting. Getting the hot, oozing pieces off the plate is my dilemma. It sticks to the plate and fingers. Is there something to spray onto the plate before microwaving so it won’t stick? The frying pan poses no problem. [Oh, how I miss the old asbestos toaster you would put on the stove. Half the enjoyment was watching the mochi swell up and finally burst through, with just the right degree of toasted burnt black!]

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  1. As for problem A, just spray Pam on the dish prior to zapping. As for problem B, it’s probably static built up shuffling to the door.