Stephanie Takemoto's "Between Light and Dark" is among the artists' works expected to be part of the exhibit opening Feb. 21 at the Artform Studio in Downtown L.A.
Stephanie Takemoto’s “Between Light and Dark” is among the artists’ works expected to be part of the exhibit opening Feb. 21 at the Artform Studio in Downtown L.A.

The Artform Studio will be hosting a dual exhibition of two artists, Alfie Numeric and Stepha­nie Takemoto, beginning with an opening reception and live music at 6 p.m. on Feb. 21.

The show, running through March 21, is in conjunction with Artform Studio’s “Tastemakers,” a monthly event featuring a col­laboration between art, music, fashion and food, as well as the resident designers and stylists of Artform Studio. This unique event calls upon each participant to unite their specialized skills, fostering an experience like no other.

Hair styling and cuts by Sherry Younge add an intriguing spin on live art, while influential designer Nena Soulfly will be showcasing her newest fashion design inspired by paintings in the show.

Exceptional designer cupcakes by Little Sweeties and ChaCha Covers Nail Art will also be available, each drawing inspiration from the works on display.

This family-friendly event is free and open to the public.

Alfie Ebojo, better known as Alfie Numeric, is a multimedia artist and art advocate, working and residing in Los Angeles. Her work has been shown both nationally and interna­tionally and is a regular showcased artist at Thumbprint Gallery in San Diego.

Ebojo currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors at FilAm Arts and is the programming chairperson for the nonprofit art organization, where she works closely with com­munity leaders, talented artists and esteemed academics in providing local programs and events to help advance the arts and diverse cultural heritage of Filipinos through arts services, presentation, and educa­tion.

Her “All the Right Weaponry” collection stems from the swirling thoughts of igniting the female spirit and healing after reading Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” with Bell Hooks’ “All About Love.”

This series is a reflection of Ebojo’s inner dialogue of the decon­struction and reconstruction of the definition of what “female empower­ment” means to her.

Takemoto is a Los Angeles-based, self-taught painter and illustrator who dreams of a life filled with endless creative pos­sibilities. Her style is highly influenced by her mixed heritage, growing up amongst Japanese pop culture, manga, toys, urban vinyl, art nouveau, illustration, geek culture, pop surrealism, and film.

Her signature can be found in the maze-like spiraled tresses adorning each of her painted muses. Her fe­male characters are often portrayed in a quiet inner conflict of longing, desire and self contemplation. Takemoto has exhibited in group shows across the U.S. and is a re­occurring artist with Thumbprint Gallery.

“She Versus I” is a collection of recent and past Takemoto illustrative works examining the various aspects of the female psyche.

Established in 2005, the Artform Studio has been a premier salon for vintage photography, television, film and the thriving Los Angeles artist community. The studio hosts special events that embrace the evolution of hair, make up, music and fashion.

The Artform Studio is located at 701 E. 3rd St., Suite 120, next to the Rafu Shimpo offices in Downtown. Open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call (213) 613-1050.

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