NAPA — The Napa Police Department reported Sunday that Shozaburo Nakamura, 71, was arrested on suspicion of killing his ex-wife, noted restaurateur Eiko Nakamura, 78.

Police gave the following account:

Eiko Nakamura
Eiko Nakamura

“On June 1, 2014 at approximately 9:31 a.m., Napa Central Dispatch received a call from a friend of the victim indicating that he had not been able to reach the victim since Friday. Officers went to the victim’s residence in the 2900 block of Pinewood Drive to conduct a welfare check.

“Officers knocked on the door of the residence and were contacted by the victim’s ex-husband, Shozaburo Nakamura. Even though divorced, Nakamura and the victim still lived together. The officers explained they were there to conduct a welfare check on the victim. Nakamura allowed the officers to enter the residence.

“Once inside, Nakamura immediately admitted to killing the victim on May 31, 2014 at approximately 9 a.m. during a domestic dispute. Officers found the victim in a bathroom. The victim had several stab wounds and showed signs of blunt force trauma.

“Nakamura was arrested and booked into Napa County Department of Corrections. The residence is an active crime scene with departmental forensic specialists processing the scene for evidence.

“This case is still under investigation at this time. Anyone with information about this case should contact Detective Andrew Hess at (707) 257-9507.”

Nakamura owned the sushi restaurant Fujiya at the Napa Premium Outlets for 24 years, then partnered with brothers Rick Zaslove and Mike Zaslove to open Eiko’s Modern Japanese Cuisine in 2010. Jake Rand is the executive chef.

“Eiko Nakamura was established in Napa Valley for over 20 years in the restaurant industry and now brings a new dimension of sushi restaurant to Napa Valley,” the restaurant owners say on their website. “We believe hospitality, like art, is not something to confine to one definition alone. Rather, we see hospitality as fluid and ever changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to enjoy something meaningful. With this in mind, our company allows guests to customize their lifestyle experiences and enables them to stay, eat and play with a seamlessness never before realized.”

Allison Hallum, general manager of Eiko’s and daughter of Rick Zaslove, told KTVU that Nakamura “was an extremely kind and wonderful woman. She was one of the kindest and sweetest persons I’ve ever met.” Hallum pledged that the management “will keep her memory alive here at the restaurant for years to come.”

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